The Awakening Corporate

“We ignite the full potential of human health, connection and performance”

We offer a range of corporate services: corporate team building and corporate wellness programmes, that are designed to ignite the full potential of human health, connection and performance.  Our corporate services include:

Gerry Hussey specialises in corporate team building.

Corporate Team Building

We offer a range of services to elite corporate teams on both an in-house and off site environment that will deliver a quantifiable return on your investment.

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Corporate Wellness

Our programme empowers individuals, inspires leaders, ignites teams and enhances cultures while achieving greater organisational performance.

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“I was incredibly impressed with Gerry’s techniques for focusing the mind to improve performance. The whole group got a lot from his psychology tips and positive mental attitude which we brought back to our busy jobs with excellent results.”

Natalie Hodgess
Vodafone Ireland

Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry Hussey Performance Psychology Consultant
Gerry-Hussey-Performance-&-Sports-Psychologist Galway, Dublin & Ireland

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