Corporate Wellness

“Our programme empowers individuals, inspires leaders, ignites teams and enhances cultures while achieving greater organisational performance.”

Beyond Wellness – Corporate Health & Performance Programme

Designed and developed by globally recognised Performance Psychologists and Consultants, our Beyond Wellness Programme goes beyond traditional health and wellness initiatives by building and igniting the full potential of human health, connection and performance.

Our programme empowers individuals, inspires leaders, ignites teams and enhances cultures while achieving greater organisational performance.

Our programme can be tailored to meet specific organisational needs and budget.

What We Do

Beyond Wellness incorporates a blend of face to face workshops, online webinars and resources and experiential coaching sessions to impact individual, team and organisational well-being and performance. Drawing from an array of modules on topics such as resilience, the power of the mind, understanding integrated wellness and energy management we can offer a suitable programme that meets your organisational needs, time and budget.

* Timeframes & Duration can be tailored to meet your organisations needs.



Our Process

Step 1: Needs analysis with key stakeholders

Step 2: Align Workshops with org. needs & co- create calendar of events

Step 3: Launch in house Workshops followed by online webinars & support

Step 4: Launch Wellness Tasks

Step 5: Launch Experiential Coaching sessions

Step 6: Host Recognition Event

Our Topics

In House Workshops + Online Webinars + Experiential Coaching

In House Workshops

  1. What is real wellness?
  2. The truth about stress
  3. Energy management
  4. Beyond resilience
  5. Mental health & mental ill health
  6. Trutgh about habits and behavioural change
  7. Training your brain to live better
  8. Eliminating the clutter from our mind
  9. Nutritional well being and emotional eating
  10. Beyond the comfort zone
  11. Personal and professional transitions
  12. The magic of movement
  13. Brining your sould to work
  14. The power of the breath
  15. Being me

Online Resources

  • Interactive webinars
  • Toolkits
  • Energiser activities
  • Behavioural strategies
  • Videos of each workshop
  • Articles and blogs

Experiential Coaching

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Internal team challenges
  • Come dine with me
  • Couch to 5k
  • Pilates
  • Strength and condition
  • Nutrition challenges

Contact Gerry to arrange a meeting to establish what elements will work for your business.

“I was incredibly impressed with Gerry’s techniques for focusing the mind to improve performance. The whole group got a lot from his psychology tips and positive mental attitude which we brought back to our busy jobs with excellent results.”

Natalie Hodgess
Vodafone Ireland

Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry Hussey Performance Psychology Consultant
Gerry-Hussey-Performance-&-Sports-Psychologist Galway, Dublin & Ireland

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