Corporate Team Building

Led by Gerry Hussey, Performance Psychology Consultant & Motivational Speaker

We offer a range of services to elite corporate teams on both an in-house and off site environment. We have developed unique systems and a unique environment in the breath taking Delphi Lodge to be able to take you and your team on a really engaging and informative journey. We are passionately committed to providing a fun and exhilarating experience to take your team on a journey of discovery and education that will have powerful and positive impact on the performances of not only the individuals within the team but also the collective group as a whole. We believe that when you trust us with your team development we must deliver practical and long lasting positive impact that sees a quantifiable return on your investment.

Tailored Programs

We have specially created tailored programs for:

• Senior and middle management teams

• Elite leadership for managers

• Sales teams

• CEO specialist camps

• Corporate Teams

During your time with us your team will be taken on a stimulating and engaging experience where we put your team through our unique tasks and challenges which have been specifically designed to identify and develop the key skills and abilities of elite teams.
These will include:

• Build a winning team character and culture

• Invigorate spirit and passion

• Develop enhanced communication skills

• Inspire more focused and effective leadership

• Enhanced decision making under pressure

• Develop better inter- personal relationships and awareness

Every organisation has different goals and ambitions and face different challenges in varying environments so our goal is to bring our experience and expertise into the very centre of your specific group in a very unique and tailored manner.

We seek first to understand the specific issues within your organisation, opening up conversations that allow us to understand what drives your team and identify the areas of strengths or Performance enablers) innate to the group. We will also identify your thinking and behaviour patterns that inhibit your groups’ performance or performance de-railers. This allows us to be clear on the gap between the groups’ aspirations and actions.

All our programmes will then be tailored to fit the specific need of your group and will cover some or all of the following areas:

High Performing Team Development

Our solutions help build strong, aligned, cohesive, engaged and high performing teams. We act as team coach would in modifying your thinking and behaviour patterns to assist you with achieving your teams’ goals whether it is becoming Olympic Champion, winning the Heineken Cup or moving towards multi-million turnover company. We will create a high performance team master plan that will enable your team to move towards being high performing.

Authentic Leadership Development

As the demand for elite leaders greatly exceeds supply in today’s business world we will assist you and your organization in consistently developing innovative and inspired leaders. We strongly believe that now more than ever companies and organisations require authentic leadership. We believe that leadership is as valuable a commodity as gold or silver in today’s economy. It is a key ingredient for success in your organisation or team. Our team of experienced leaders will educate, mentor and coach your leaders to perform in a hyper competitive world. We will coach you to begin to think about leadership by focusing on self-leadership before you consider how to lead others.

Executive Performance Coaching

With our diverse panel of highly experienced and trained coaches we enable you to choose the coach you feel most confident and comfortable with. We start by getting to know what your dreams and ambitions are. We find out your strengths and passions and then we assist in charting a road map that will lead to you achieving your goals. Then we will coach you consistently along the way towards your potential.

Mental Conditioning and Resilience

In a hyper-competitive, rapidly changing corporate world, where you are asked to do more with less; resilience is not just an optional requirement but essential. In short resilience means dealing with adversity. We work with you as an individual, as team to develop your resilience so that you can sustain high performance personally and professionally no matter how tough the working environment gets.

Well-being and Energy for High Performance

The demands of a life well-lived across all performance domains can be incredibly challenging. If your physical well-being is not sufficiently high, you are not going to achieve your potential in any aspect of your life. We will do a comprehensive wellbeing audit with you, we will identify you or your teams “derailers” and then we will help create a well-being master plan that will lead you along the way towards your potential. We will work with you over a number of sessions to ensure we monitor measure and coach you towards much stronger well-being.

We simply coach our corporate and business clients to adopt the same strategies that we do to our elite sporting or performance arts clients. We then make sure that these strategies are customized to your challenges, travel considerations, schedule and demands.
The result in short is that you possess more energy, you are educated to know how to renew your energy and you have the fuel to perform on a higher level personally and professionally.

Get in touch with Gerry if you would like to discuss your requirements.

“I was incredibly impressed with Gerry’s techniques for focusing the mind to improve performance. The whole group got a lot from his psychology tips and positive mental attitude which we brought back to our busy jobs with excellent results.”

Natalie Hodgess
Vodafone Ireland

Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry-Hussey-Team-Performance-Coach-Galway, Dublin Ireland
Gerry Hussey Performance Psychology Consultant
Gerry-Hussey-Performance-&-Sports-Psychologist Galway, Dublin & Ireland

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