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Soul Space The Experience

Soul Space – The Experience is a powerful, immersive one day event that delivers a synergy of remarkable workshops held by leading minds in mental, physical, spiritual and human performance. Held in Claregalway Castle, one of Galway’s most beautiful and historic venues, Soul Space is an experience like no other. Click button below to avail of your ticket. Limited spaces available.

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Breathe & Be, Yoga and Wellbeing Monthly events, Union Cafe, Mount Merrion, Dublin


Breathe & Be is a morning event from 10am-1pm that focuses on movement, meditation, conversation and relaxation to energise and rejuvenate Mind, Body and Spirit. Each event focuses on different topics and areas of wellness, ranging from Nutrition, Stress management, Emotional eating, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Integrative Medicine, all of which aim to Awaken your Inner Pharmacy.

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Take time to Pause and Reflect, and watch your Business Grow with Below the Line. To explore more click below

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The Awakening exclusive Retreat, Churchtown House, Kerry 31st Jan - 3rd Feb

Experience an Awakening Retreat at the exclusive Churchtown House in Kerry. Be guided and coached through a fusion of Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Physical activity, Spirituality, Nature, Massage, Acupuncture and wholesome nutrition. This is an exclusive retreat to awaken inner potential. capability and performance and discover direction, clarity and composure. Limited spaces available.

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What our customers say…

I feel like the yoga retreat is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time, I realise I have been living with fear a lot and trying to cover it up. I feel so much better for doing your yoga retreat. Thanks for being so kind to me, it has made a big difference, I feel less afraid and more in tune with how I think and feel.


The Yoga and Integrated Wellness Retreat is a great weekend to give yourself a well earned break away from the stress of modern life. It is a calm, relaxed & fun environment that is for everyone – from complete beginners discovering yoga for the first time to people who practice yoga often and for anyone who just wants to relax and feel energised. Miriam has great time for everybody there and wants everyone to feel included and safe in an environment that intends to help people feel calm and centred.


The weekend was very special. I really enjoyed it. I expected to enjoy it, to relax and unwind which I did. I didn’t expect however the impact it would have on me on an emotional level. I really feel like the retreat and all that it entailed touched me deeply, nourished me spirituality and helped me to tap into my emotional needs. It was a unique experience for me which will resonate for a long time to come.


Miriam you have the ability to help people in a real, valuable and life changing way. You have an amazing gift which you are happy to share with others, those who are lucky enough to experience it are richer and happier as a result.


Miriam Kerins Hussey Wellness Retreats & Yoga Retreats
Miriam Kerins Hussey Corporate Wellness Retreats & Yoga Retreats
Miriam Kerins Hussey Wellness Retreats & Yoga Retreats at beautiful locations across Ireland
Miriam Kerins Hussey Wellness Retreats & Yoga Retreats at beautiful locations across Ireland

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